Tips for Urban or City Runners

January 7th, 2012

It has long been suggested that keen runner who live in the city are at something of a he disadvantage to those who live in the suburbs or rural areas, though with just a little careful thought and the following few tips, it is entirely possible to keep up an enjoyable and safe running regime, even in the midst of city-center chaos:

· When possible, use as many of the city’s grassy areas or even dirt trails to run on, as such surfaces are much healthier for the joints that tarmac and concrete. That being said, make sure to always keep a close eye out for hidden holes, roots and other hazards when trying out a new off-road route for the first time.

· Avoid stopping whenever possible in order to keep heart rate up, which could mean choosing a route that presents as few traffic light and crosswalk examples as possible.

· Remaining with the same theme, perhaps implement a regime of exercises to carry out each and every time a red light presents itself. Rather than simply jogging on the spot and becoming impatient, make the best of the time to throw in some squats, or maybe some stretches if a much-needed break is in order.

· If jogging near busy roads, always go against the flow of traffic so that all approaching vehicles can be seen in advance. Bright clothing is also a must.

· Avoid the busiest streets as much as possible, as breathing in massive amounts of dust and pollution is never likely to help an exercise regime to say the least. If such areas are inevitable, choose the quieter times of the day to run.

· Last but not least, while running round in circles endlessly may not appear to be so much fun on the surface, tracks often provided in the city provide the ideal surfaces, away from all dangers and noise of the city and with an amazing chance of meeting like-minded runners around the changing room benches afterwards. So really, what more could you ask for?

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